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Global Search Behavior with Hyphen

Knowledge Article Number 000214228
Description Starting in Spring 15 release, Salesforce Global Search migrated to a new search architecture.  A customer had a custom Auto Number field with the following format Task -{0000}.  For example, the records contained a space before the hyphen such a "Task -1234", "Task -5678".

The following search terms didn't return any results:


However, the following search terms did return the correct results:

Task -1234
Task -5678


Resolution The reported behavior is expected behavior in new search architecture.  The search engine will pickup the leading - character and digit characters "-1234" OR entire "Task -1234".  However, if you remove hyphen from search term, the search engine will not return the results.

The best workaround is to change custom Auto Number field to remove extra space so new records do not contain extra space.  It's also necessary to update existing records to remove space.  Once the space is removed from record, the following search term will return proper records:


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