Print this page Recognition - How to delete a Thanks received via Dataloader

Knowledge Article Number 000214238
Description Is it possible to delete a badge that has been awarded from one's profile?
1. Open Dataloader and click on Export
2. Select Data Object Badge Received( WorkBadge)

3. Click on Select all fields  button and then Finish
4. Open the exported file in Excel and identify the records you would like to delete
5. Copy the ID field you would like to delete
6. Paste the copied ID at the end of the URL in Salesforce (
e.g. and confirm that this is the record you would like to delete

7. Copy and paste the ID into a new csv file and save the file
8. Open Dataloader and select the Delete function
9. Select object as Badge Received.
10. Choose this newly created file and map the ID field
11. Proceed to delete the record. 

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