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Inconsistent results observed when using the "Limit to Items I own" option in search where Accounts is the Master in an MD relationship

Knowledge Article Number 000214239

Some customers have observed that they see inconsistent results when using the “Limit to items I own” search option when searching for child records who are in an MD relationship with Accounts, they would see the expected result when using the global search but as soon as the end user selects the "Limit to Items I own" option, the result no longer appears.

This can be reproduced via the following:

1. Create a custom object
2. Create a MD relationship on this custom object with Account as the master
3. Create a Account Record called "3C Systems" [ Parent Account = Acme]
4. Create a child record called "Acme Child"  [ Make sure that Acme is in the Account Field]
5. Search for Acme Child using Global Search
6. You will find the expected record
7. Now use the "Limit to Items I own" option  and click on Save & Search"
8.The result no longer shows up.

Resolution This is Working As Designed,in order for the "Limit to Items I own" option to work, the user performing the search MUST be the owner on both the Parent Account as well as the Account record associated to the Child Record, something like this:

User-added image

So lets say if the child record "Acme Child" is associated to "3C Systems" and this account record DOES NOT have a parent account associated to it,then the "Limit to Items I own" option would yield expected results provided the user performing the search is the Owner of the Account record.

However, if the Account record has a parent account where the user performing the search is NOT the owner, then the search will not work.

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