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Marketing Cloud Email - Email Rendering - Finding IDs in a sent Email

Knowledge Article Number 000214246
Description Is it possible to find IDs within a sent email such as the JobID, ListID or BatchID?
A line in the header of the email can be used to find the ListID, Subscriber ID, JobID, MemberID and Batch ID. The following can be used as a guide to find the ID's:

<bounce- ListID _HTML - SubscriberID - JobID MemberID - BatchID>


An example of the line in the header to identify these ID's is:

Therefore the ID's for this line would be:
  • ListID = 1762674
  • Subscriber ID = 466381011
  • JobID = 11089663
  • Member ID = 10255123
  • Batch ID = 1
Reference link on how view email headers:


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