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Continuously Enforce IP Addresses in Login IP Ranges

Knowledge Article Number 000214259
The "Enforce login IP ranges on every request" under Setup | Security Controls | Session Settings, restricts the IP addresses from which users can access Salesforce to only the IP addresses defined in Login IP Ranges. This option affects all user profiles that have login IP restrictions. Learn more below. 

Caution Sign  Note: ​Enforce login IP ranges on every request​"​​ feature only works with the profile-based IP restrictions.

Can these features be enabled simultaneously  "​IP address from which they originated​"​ and ​"​Enforce login IP ranges on every request​"​​?

The two features can be enabled together but the "IP address from which they originated" will overwrite the other one (​Enforce login IP ranges on every request​), so this setup is useless.

Example: If the two options are enabled and the restricted IP range on the user profile is -, the user is allowed to access from this range but as soon as he logs in from he won't be able to move to another IP. 

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