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Summer '15 - Retrieve Query Plans for Reports and List Views

Knowledge Article Number 000214276
Description In order to be able to use this feature (and use the Developer Console) you need the "View All Data" permission on your profile.

The first steps is to retrieve the report ID or the list view ID.
The ID can be found simply by copying the URL of the list view and copy the part after "fcf=" as per screenshot below, starting with 00B:
User-added image

You can retrieve the report ID simply by copying the part of URL starting with 00O as per screenshot below:
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If the report it timing out and you are unable to get the id, you can access it in edit mode as per screenshot below:
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and you will see the URL as: HTTPS://[yourinstance][reportID]/e
Resolution Once you have the list view or report ID, you need to access the developer console by clicking on Your Name > Developer console.

In order to enable the Query Plan button in the Query Editor, click Help  > Preferences then set Enable Query Plan to true and then click Save
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In order to see the query plan, enter the report or list view ID in the Query Editor Tab, and then click on "Query Plan" button.
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This way you can check which field is used in the report, if a custom index is being used and the object where the field is located.

Please NOTE:
You can request a custom index to be created logging a support case, but you need to provide the report/list views ID and grant login access. If the field is selective enough we will proceed with the creation.

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