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Subscriber Engagement Report and Salesforce Contacts and Leads with V2 Integration

Knowledge Article Number 000214292
In some cases, you may want to see how engaged your Salesforce Contacts and Leads are with emails sent via the V2 Integration. Is this possible? 

No, it's not possible to run this report on Contacts or Leads. The Subscriber Engagement report doesn't run against the Salesforce Managed list (only utilized by V2 of the Salesforce Integration). You can only choose to run it against lists in the "All Subscribers" list within the Marketing Cloud account. 

Additionally, any Tracking report that runs against a list in order to generate results will not work if you send through the Salesforce V2 Integration. 

You'll want to generate a custom report in Salesforce in order to see how engaged your Contacts and Leads have been with their email Sends. 

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