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Unable to select Featured Topic from picklist which already exists under Topic Management

Knowledge Article Number 000214299
Description You may find that you have topics in Topic Management which are unavailable to be chosen as Featured Topics.
Resolution This will occur when you reach the maximum number displayed in the picklist, which is 25.

Only top 25 Topics which are ordered by their relative Talking About count may be displayed.

ref: Talking About:

If you want to use Featured Topics that are not available in the picklist, you need to use the Chatter REST API.

See "Managed Topics" in the Chatter REST API guide:
Get all the managed topics for a community. Create a managed topic. Reorder managed topics.



{"recordId":"0TOxx00000002kkGAA", "managedTopicType":"Featured"} 
{"name":"Topic Hina", "managedTopicType":"Featured"} 

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