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Error when syncing a Quote: "Missing value for required field(s): UnitPrice"

Knowledge Article Number 000214304
Description When syncing a Quote in Salesforce your may get the error, "Missing value for required field(s): UnitPrice"

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Resolution This may occur when you have a Workflow Rule that is performing a Field Update on Sales Price ('Unit Price") for Opportunity Products. Ensure that your Field update is not performing an invalid operation to nullify the value on this field, since Unit Price is a required field, it cannot be left blank or cannot have invalid data.

For example (a scenario): 
  • You have a field or multiple fields which are used to modify the Sales Price (Unit Price) field on the Opportunity Product via a Workflow Field Update. 
  • If you have entered a value (anything greater than or equal to 0) in the custom field, the workflow rule would trigger successfully to return the new value in the Sales Price Field.
  • However, when you keep the value in those field (s) (which are used to modify the value in Sales Price) as NULL, the formula would throw this error because Zeroes are acceptable values in a currency field but NULL values are not. 

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