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No "Cancel Send" button on Email Send record

Knowledge Article Number 000214331
When viewing an Email Send record in Salesforce when integrated with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector, there's no option to Cancel Send.

Manually add the Cancel Send button

The Cancel Send button can be manually added to the Send Definition Layout custom page layout using the following procedure: 

1. Log into with an Administrator account.
2. Click Setup
3. Click Create under the "Build" menu.
4. Click Objects under the "Create" menu.  
5. In the list of Custom Objects, locate the object labeled "Email Send." 
6. Click on the name of the object, Email Send. Note: Do not click Edit. 
7. On the Email Send custom object page, scroll down to the Page Layouts section.
8. Under Page Layouts locate the page layout name Send Definition Layout. 
9. Click Edit. 
10. At the top of the page layout screen, click Buttons in the left-hand pane.
11. Locate the button "Cancel Send" in the right-hand pane. 
12. Drag the Cancel Send button down into the Custom Buttons field.
13. Click Save.

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