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Unable to authenticate after selecting Marketing Cloud Tab

Knowledge Article Number 000214336
If you input your Marketing Cloud API User credentials and you receive an error that the credentials are incorrect, even when you know they are correct, you'll need to follow the below steps below. 

To resolve the issue, delete the existing Configuration Object and re-configure the integration using instructions below. 


Delete the configuration

Add the Configurations Tab 

1. Click Setup
2. Under the "Create" category, select Tabs
3. Click New.
4. Choose "Configurations" from the Object drop-down menu.
5. Pick any Tab style.
6. Click NextNextSave.


Delete Stored Configuration

1. Click the Plus symbol on the tab bar.
2. Click on the Configurations link.
3. Select All under the "View" drop-down, and then click Go.
4. Delete the existing Configuration Object.

Note: Following this portion requires that the API User credentials are known, as deleting this Configuration will require you to re-input these credentials in the next steps.

Reconfigure Marketing Cloud Connector

1. Go to the Marketing Cloud Tab.
2. Enter the Marketing Cloud API Username and Password.
3. Select values for Send Types, Target Audience, Exclusion Audience, Support Ticket Recipient, and Tracking Preferences.
4. Click the Marketing Cloud Tab once more. 
5. Re-integrate individual users as needed.

Note: Some Salesforce environments have limits on the number of custom tabs.

Utilize the Workbench utility to

1. Go to 214336 | Standard & Custom Objects | et4ae5__Configuration__c AttributesurlNew
2. Get the URL value from urlNew and remove the trailing /e. 
Paste the modified URL into your browser and delete the existing configuration.

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