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Meaning of Status field on the social post in Social Customer Service

Knowledge Article Number 000214391
Description When viewing the social post record in Service cloud created through the Social Hub integration, the Status field can populate with different values and each have its own meaning.
Resolution Failed - The social post was unable to execute/send, due to a received error message from the Social network. When this happens, the Status Message field on the social post will usually show the error message

Pending - The outbound social post did appear to send successfully from Service Cloud and using Radian6 Social accounts, but was unable to post to the social network (Facebook, Twitter, etc).

(blank) - This is no value and it normally represents inbound social posts which have not yet have been addressed

Replied - The status used on the first inbound social post in the associated case to acknowledge it was replied to. The remainder of social posts in the case will update as Sent

Sent - the subsequent social posts on the case were successfully posted to the social network. 

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