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Enable Case Duration/Age in Business Hours

Knowledge Article Number 000214416
Description Available in  All Editions

Enable the "Case Duration/Age in Business Hours" feature to expose the "Business Hours Age" field in applicable Case object reports (supplies the case age based on the organization's defined business hours instead of a full 24 hour day).


Request feature activation

1. Have a System Administrator to log a Case with Salesforce Support

2. Select "Feature Activation" on the case's General Application Area

3. On the case description, please specify:

  • Feature requested: Case Duration/Age in Business Hours.
  • Organization ID where you want the feature to be enabled (Navigate to Setup | Company ProfileCompany Information).
  • I am the system admin in charge of this feature.
Our Support Team will review the Case and action the request as needed.

Note: If a user has their access to the "Closed Date/Time" field limited through Field Level Security or Field Accessibility then this field will not be available for use. Also, this will only calculate the amount of time for the Default Business Hours, regardless of which Business Hours is chosen on the Case.

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