Print this page Goals - Why can't users see the Goals tab?

Knowledge Article Number 000214431
Description There are a couple reasons why the Goals tab may not be visible to users.
Resolution The goal tab may not be visible to users for one of following reasons:
  1. The Goal Tab setting is set to hidden in the users' profile or assigned permission sets.  You need to make sure the Goals tab is set to "Default On".
  2. Users have not been given all the required permissions to use the Goal feature.  As the Goal feature is dependent on Metrics users will also need to be given access to the Metric objects.  The following is our recommended permissions for the Goal feature:
  • Goals: Read, Create, Edit, Delete
  • Goal Links: Read, Create, Edit, Delete
  • Metrics: Read, Create, Edit, Delete
  • Metric Data Links: Read, Create, Edit, Delete

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