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Received error, "No Organizations are enabled. Stopping Connector"

Knowledge Article Number 000214444

FATAL Connector (null) "No organizations are enabled. Stopping connector" example: 
2013-04-23 01:09:34,356 4 INFO Connector (null) "Connector Service Started." ""
2013-04-23 01:09:34,434 4 INFO Connector (null) "Getting organization configuration information from registry." ""
2013-04-23 01:09:34,450 4 INFO Connector (null) "ExactTarget for CRM 4 detected." ""
2013-04-23 01:09:34,466 4 INFO Connector (null) "Getting database connection strings from Config database." ""
2013-04-23 01:09:34,544 4 INFO Connector (null) "Configuration loaded." ""
2013-04-23 01:09:34,559 4 FATAL Connector (null) "No organizations are enabled. Stopping connector." ""
2013-04-23 01:09:34,559 4 INFO Connector (null) "Connector Service Stopped." ""

This error occurs when the connector cannot connect to the SQL Database. This is most likely an issue with the Connector Service User not having sufficient permissions or with the CRM server not communicating with the SQL server. It’s is very important that the connector service user has the following to ensure this error does not appear:
  • A password that does not expire.
  • Be a local administrator on the Dynamics CRM server.
  • Be a Dynamics CRM Deployment Administrator.
  • Act as a service account.
  • Have the ability to read and write from the registry.
  • Be a SQL server administrator user.

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