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How can I hide the Setup link?

Knowledge Article Number 000214456
Description It is possible to hide the "Setup" link from end-users with the Improved Setup User Interface.  Previously, users with minimal permissions would still need access to "Setup" in order to access their personal information.  If we enable the Improved Setup User Interface, personal information will now be available under My Settings, eliminating the need to access Setup.
Resolution In order to hide the "Setup"  link, ensure that both are true:

1. Enable the Improved Setup User Interface:
Setup > Customize > User Interface > Enable Improved Setup User Interface

2. Disable "View Setup and Configuration" from the users' profile(s):
Setup > Manage Users > Profiles > (Profile Name) > Edit > View Setup and Configuration
Setup > Manage Users > Profiles > Profile Name > System Permissions > Edit > View Setup and Configuration

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