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Knowledge Article Number 000214460
Description Customize Feedback to Fit Your Organization (Pilot)
Resolution Your sales teams can now manage feedback offers, feedback requests, and feedback related to performance summaries all in one place! The Enhanced Feedback feature lets you customize feedback in your organization, including creating custom fields and layouts related to feedback requests.

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The Feedback tab displays the recent feedback a user has viewed, and they can filter to see different types of feedback records. For example, users can select New Feedback Requests to see feedback records that require their input. You can also create custom list views with different filter options.

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Sharing works the way it does for other Salesforce objects. You can also customize the look of feedback records and display custom fields and layouts, if desired.
Note the following limitations:
  • The pilot is limited to only sandbox organizations.
  • Salesforce1 is not currently supported.
  • The Enhanced Feedback and Enhanced Performance Summaries features are available through a single pilot program. See additional performance summary limitations in Enhanced Performance Summaries (Pilot)

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