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Enabling Chatter Questions

Knowledge Article Number 000214464
Description Available in:  Group, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited and Developer Editions

With Chatter Questions, users can ask questions in their Chatter feed, in groups, and in records by selecting Question in the action drop-down menu of the Chatter Publisher. This feature should be enabled for Organizations by default. If it's not enabled, Salesforce Support should be able to help. 

Here's some documentation to review prior to reaching out to us:
Ask Questions in the Feed with Chatter Questions
Resolution If you would like to move forward with enabling this feature please take the following steps: 
  1. Have a System Administrator log a Case with Salesforce Support 
  2. Please include all important details including specifying the Organization where this should be enabled. 
  3. Support will review the Case and action it as needed. 

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