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Circles of Success - Know Your Customers with Accounts and Contacts

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Know Your Customer with Accounts & Contacts

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Accounts and Contacts are core to your business. Understand the models available to manage your customers, ownership of Accounts, visibility and accessibility of Accounts and Contacts, and relationships to other information to provide the 360 Degree view of your customers.
Learning Objectives
You will walk out of this Circles of Success best practice discussion with the ability to make decisions on:
User-added imageAccount Models
User-added imageAccount Customization Options
User-added imageAccount Sharing and Visibility
User-added imageContacts
User-added imageAccess to a PC or Mac with ability to install GoToWebinar
Success Community Topics:
Any discussions/collaboration on the Salesforce Success Community relevant to this Roundtable will be tagged with the following Topics.
User-added image#CoS
User-added image#CirclesOfSuccess
User-added image#Accounts&Contacts

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