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Knowledge Article Number 000214469
Description Enhanced Performance Summaries (Pilot available from the Summer'15 release) 
Use New Tools to Manage Performance Summary Cycles.

Resolution The Performance tab is now your one-stop shop for creating and managing performance summary cycles! The Enhanced Performance Summaries feature lets you easily gather insights about the people in your company with a custom questionnaire, and new features like uploading users in bulk with a CSV file make it even easier to use

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The performance cycle detail page lists the question sets, individual performance summary requests, and other information related to a performance cycle. Administrators can now easily upload CSV files containing user IDs or usernames. Additionally, the Job Tracker tracks and displays processes such as cycle deployment, CSV upload, and Share All.

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Enhanced Performance Summaries look, feel, and act more like other Salesforce objects, and you can make additional customizations to suit your organization. For example, you can create custom fields, layouts, and list views for different performance summaries.
Note the following limitations:
  • The pilot is limited to only sandbox organizations.
  • Salesforce1 is not currently supported.
  • Pulling in recent work (such as thanks, coaching, and feedback) is not currently supported.
  • The Enhanced Feedback and Enhanced Performance Summaries features are available through a single pilot program.

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