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Top Viewed Videos of the Week

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Description Please find below the list of Top Viewed Videos of the week.

Also please see the attached newsletter for all the newest videos for Summer 15 and more at the bottom of this article.
Resolution How to Search in Help - Our Help portal is extensive, with everything from documentation to troubleshooting-type knowledge articles, videos, and more. Fine tune your search settings and learn to use the filters so that you can find exactly what you need, every time.

Data Import: Cleaning Up Your Import File - Contains hints and tips for cleaning up your import file data

Data Import: Best Practices for Importing Data -  Things to consider before starting any Import process

Data Import: Cleaning and Preparing Your Data Using Excel - Specific hints and tips for creating and cleaning your CSV (Comma Separated Value) file in Excel before importing

Visual Workflow: Cloud Flow Designer Overview - An overview of the Cloud Flow Designer elements and interface

Visual Workflow: Building a Simple Flow - Get started with a sample Flow that you can build in your organization

Troubleshooting Workflows - Simple steps that can be taken if a workflow in not doing the expected actions

Creating a Workflow Rule - The basics of creating a simple workflow

Understanding Matching Rules - How matching rules work in de-duplicating records

Salesforce File Sync - Using File Sync to upload and share files from computers to Salesforce for collaboration

Dashboard Overview - A look at how information can be displayed in easy to understand graphics

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