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Add a new Lead Source - Get the steps on how to create a new Lead Source field.

Salesforce for Outlook installation diagram - Familiarize yourself with the installation process.

Salesforce IP Addresses to Whitelist - IP whitelisting is one of the best ways to ensure a secure environment, get the information you need to make sure you're protected.

Export email addresses from leads into Excel format - Learn how to download your leads email address into an excel file for easy viewing.

Mass transfer accounts another user - Transfer accounts in bulk using the User Interface.

Export data in Excel or PDF format using Visualforce - Get information about standard objects in a PDF format.

Enable Sales Path for your organization in Salesforce1 - Learn how sales reps can manage their work on the go.

Admin Request: Create New User - Before you send in your request to create a new user, here's everything we'll need from you.

Enabling API - To help migrate data enable the API.

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