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SUCCESS INSIGHTS: Preparing for a Scoping Session with an Implementation Partner

Knowledge Article Number 000214484
Description What is a ‘Scoping Session’?
The first step in collaborating with your selected partner is to conduct one or more ‘Scoping Sessions’ where you have the opportunity to formally communicate your vision, goals, and requirements for a successful project.
‘Scoping Session’ Goals
The output of these sessions should be a proposal or a Statement of Work (SOW) from the implementation partner confirming and documenting their understanding of your designed project scope, timeline, and required resources and pricing.
Scoping Questionnaire Categories
To deliver an accurate SOW, there are a number if topics that need to be addressed as part of any scoping session, including:
  • Which Business Users will be using Salesforce?
  • What are your key Business Objectives and Key Drivers for change?
  • What are the Business or Functional Requirements?
  • Is integration with other systems required?
  • Is there data that needs to be migrated?
  • And, how will your end users get trained? 
It’s perfectly acceptable to not have all the answers to the above questions before engaging in a scoping session with your partner. A certified implementation partner can share their experiences with similar customers to help you define your scope.
Scoping Questionnaire Benefits
Using the Customers for Life scoping questionnaire will help you and your partner prepare for an effective scoping session by accelerating the process and increasing scope accuracy.

Using this questionnaire helps you and the partner align on terminology. For example, what one customer calls “data migration” another customer might refer to as “data integration.” By leveraging this commonly used questionnaire, you and your implementation partner save time and be better aligned when describing your business and how Salesforce’s portfolio of products will deployed at your company.

Click here to download your Scoping Questionnaire to get started.

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