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How Will the New Sandbox Copy Architecture Improve Copy Timeframes?

Knowledge Article Number 000214503
Description The new sandbox copy architecture, rolled out to Full copy sandboxes in the Summer '15, includes two new features which will enhance sandbox copy performance:

New Data Copy Framework
The copy engine divides your organization’s data into small chunks for exporting and copying to the sandbox. Copying is faster, because chunks are processed in parallel. Importing begins as soon as the first data chunk is exported. Export and import are independent, so the system is robust and flexible.

New Post-Copy Framework
If a production organization changes during sandbox creation or refresh, the sandbox can contain data inconsistencies. The new automated post-copy process quickly fixes these inconsistencies after copying is complete and tracks the fixes.

These features will be made available on a rolling basis during the Summer ’15 release. The new copy architecture will not be deployed to the NA0 production instance.

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