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How can I enable Chatter Post Feed Editing for my organization?

Knowledge Article Number 000214510
Description With Summer '15, system administrators can now enable users to edit their own existing Chatter posts and comments and, optionally, the posts and comments in the feed of any records that they own.

The Allow users to edit posts and comments option in Chatter Settings controls these features at an organization-wide level. 
Resolution To enable the feature follow these steps:
1. Navigate to Setup | Customize | Chatter | Settings
2. Click the Edit button.
3. In the "Post and Comment Modification" section, check the box next to the option Allow users to edit posts and comments.
4. Click the Save button.

Requirement: The Customize Application user permission is required to enable or disable features in Chatter Settings.

Users assigned to most* standard profiles will immediately be able to edit their own posts and comments immediately. Users assigned to custom profiles will need to have the permission added to their profile before they can edit their own posts and comments.
NOTE: The Edit My Own Posts setting is not available for Portal user profiles.
Once the above feature is enabled, two additional user settings become available for most* user profiles in the organization.
1. Edit My Own Posts 
  • This profile permission controls whether users are able to edit their own chatter posts and comments.
  • This permission is enabled automatically on all standard profiles except Portal User.
  • This permission is disabled by default on custom profiles.

2. Edit Posts on Records I Own
  • This profile permission allows record owners to modify their own posts and the posts of other users that appear on groups and record detail pages.
  • This profile permission is disabled by default for all profiles: both standard and custom.
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Note: Edit option isn’t available for posts created via the File, Link and Poll actions or system-generated posts such as feed tracked record updates.

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