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How do I enable Feed Post Editing in Custom Profiles?

Knowledge Article Number 000214512
Description I have enabled the Allow users to edit posts and comments Chatter option for my organization, and users with standard profiles are able to edit their posts and comments, but users with custom profiles are not.

How can I give them this ability?
Resolution By default, feed post editing is disabled on all custom profiles. Modify your custom profiles to enable the feature for your users.
1. Navigate to Setup | Manage Users | Profiles.
2. Click on the custom profile for which you want to enable feed post editing.
3. In the "System Permissions" section, click Edit.
4. Select the edit feed post permissions that you want to enable.
  • Select Edit My Own Posts to allow users that are assigned this custom profile to edit their own posts and comments.
  • Select Edit Posts on Records I Own to allow users that are assigned this custom profile to edit posts and comments on records they own, including posts and comments made by other users.
5. Click Save.
Requirement: The "Manage Profiles and Permission Sets" user permission is required to create custom profiles.

To remove one of these permissions that was previously granted to a user profile, simply repeat the steps above and at Step 4, deselect the desired feature.

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