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How do I disable Feed Post Editing?

Knowledge Article Number 000214513
Description I have enabled the Feed Post Editing for my organization, and now I want to disable it. How can I do this?
Resolution By default, all users who are assigned a profile that has the feed post editing permissions enabled can edit their posts and comments. If you wish to limit which users can edit their posts and comments, you will need to add or remove the appropriate permission from the user's profile(s) as described in "How do I enable Feed Post Editing in Custom Profiles?"

Alternatively, you can disable feed post editing for all users in your organization, regardless of their assigned user profile by disabling the "Allow users to edit posts and comments" Chatter Setting.

1. Navigate to Setup | Customize | Chatter | Settings.
2. Click the Edit button.
3. In the "Post and Comment Modification" section, uncheck the box next to the option Allow users to edit posts and comments.
4. Click the Save button.

Feed Post Editing should now be disabled for your entire organization.

Requirement: The Customize Application permission is required to enable or disable features in Chatter Settings.

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