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Trigger a workflow to send emails only during after office hours and weekends

Knowledge Article Number 000214530
Description How to trigger workflow email alert when a record is created during weekends or after office hours?
Resolution To achieve this requirement we will use the following logic in sequence.

1. Create custom field with data type as number. Let us call this field as "Created_Time"
2. Create a workflow rule with field update action, that will update the above field with a number value. Example a record created at 9 PM will update the field as 21
3. Create formula field to compute the day of the week. Let us call this field as "Current_Day"
4. Create another workflow rule with email alert action, that will trigger an email if the lead is created between 7 PM and 9 AM on weekdays and anytime during weekend

Use Case - A company wants an email alert sent out when the lead gets created after office hours and during weekends. Office hours are Monday to Friday 9 AM to 7 PM, Mountain Time

So in this use case, an email alert must be sent when the lead is created between 7 PM and 9 AM and during weekends

Workflow in Step 2

Create a workflow on Lead with Evaluation Criteria: Evaluate the rule when a record is created and rule criteria formula must be “True”.
Add an immediate workflow field update action with below formula
VALUE( MID( TEXT( CreatedDate - tzoffset), 12, 2 ) ) - Tzoffset for MST would be : 0.291666667

Tzoffset is calculated as follows
  • If the time zone is 7 hours from UTC
  • 7*60 = 420 minutes
  • 420/1440 in a 24 hour period is 0.291666667
Similarly for the required timezone this can be calculated

Using the above mentioned formula a MST 9 PM would end up getting a value of 21
In the workflow field update Check the "Reevaluate workflow after field change"
Use this to update the field created in Step 1

Formula in Step 3

CASE(MOD( TODAY() - DATE(1900, 1, 6), 7), 0, "Saturday", 1, "Sunday", 2,"Monday", 3, "Tuesday", 4, "Wednesday", 5, "Thursday", 6,"Friday","")

This formula takes 6th of Jan 1900 as the reference point and calculates the day of the created date.

Workflow in Step 4

Create another workflow on Lead with email alert as the immediate action

Evaluation criteria: created and any time it’s edited to subsequently meet criteria 
Rule criteria formula:  
or( CreatedTime__c  >= 19 &&  CreatedTime__c  <= 09 ,  Current_Day__c = "Saturday" , Current_Day__c = "Sunday")

So if the current day is Saturday or Sunday and if the created time is greater than 7 PM and earlier than 9 AM, the email alert will be sent.

The logic works the same but the tzoffset and holidays must be adjusted accordingly

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