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Percentage formula in a field update produces an unexpected value

Knowledge Article Number 000214806

When a percent formula field is used as reference for a field update the percent formula must be updated to provide a correct value in the field update due to how the field update uses formula reference values.


Percent values are stored as a decimal point (i.e. 80% is stored as .8). When used in a formula, the formula reads the stored value as .8 and then displays as 80%.

When a standard percentage field captures a value it's stored as a percentage field but the value is entered as a whole percent. When a percentage formula field is used as a field update the value is pushed as .8 to field update which reads in the field update as .08% as if the value was entered manually as .8 instead of 80. 

To correct this behavior, modify the field update formula by multiplying the formula percent field by 100.

Example Syntax (When using workflow rule)

100 * Example_Percent_Formula__c

Please find the Known Issue link:

Flow/Process Builder: Updating percentage fields using value from another percent field produces incorrect result.

Example Syntax (When using it within a Process)

10000 * Example_Percent_Formula__c


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