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Records updated after creation associated to multiple Duplicate Record Sets

Knowledge Article Number 000214807

When records are updated after their creation they could meet more than 1 matching rules, causing those records to show in multiple Duplicate Record Sets. To get around this problem, we'll give you more information on what you can do going forward.

Resolution The described duplicate behavior is by design in order to capture what was a duplicate and what is currently a duplicate. To avoid matching to multiple Duplicate Record Sets the Duplicate rules can be suspended during mass updates. Otherwise, Duplicate Record Sets can be manually deleted so that only one Duplicate Record Set remains to capture all of the associated Duplicate Records. 

When using Duplicate Management, records may show in multiple Duplicate Record Sets if a subsequent change matches to an existing Duplicate Record Set. 


1.  Creating 4 accounts: Account 1, Account 1, Account 2, Account 2
2.  2 Duplicate Record Sets are created based off of a Fuzzy Matching Rule setup on Account Name
3.  Updating Account 1 to Account 2 will trigger the Matching Rule on Account Name

In this example, both Duplicate Record Sets will have Account 2 referenced in it because it matched when the Account was first created and when the Account was updated to match to a new Duplicate Record Set.

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