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Error "Batch failed:InvalidBatch:failed to process query: FUNCTIONALITY NOT ENABLED" when using Data Loader

Knowledge Article Number 000214827
Description If you have made the selections to Configure the Data Loader to Use the Bulk API users may encounter the below error upon attempting to perform an export or query operation.

Batch failed:InvalidBatch:failed to process query: FUNCTIONALITY NOT ENABLED
Resolution You may encounter this error if you're attempting to include a compound or geolocation field in your export's query.

As per the BULK API Developer's Guide's Bulk Query Details documentation, "Bulk API can’t access or query compound address or compound geolocation fields."  For additional details see Compound Field Considerations and Limitations.

You may choose to exclude the fields from your operation or use an alternative method for querying and exporting your data such as the SOAP API by deselecting the "Use Bulk API" Data Loader option or leveraging the full data export service as outlined in the Exporting Backup Data documentation.

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Compound Field Considerations and Limitations

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