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Salesforce1 - Difference in how Reports are viewed by Admin and Non-Admin users

Knowledge Article Number 000214838

The ability to create different user roles is one of the key features and benefits of Salesforce. Depending on if you're an Admin or a Non-Admin, you should expect to have different levels of access to information. We'll show you what a Non-Admin versus an Admin should expect to see when trying to view reports in Salesforce1.


When accessing the reports tab from within the Salesforce1 downloadable application and the mobile browser app, System admins have an option to view "All Reports" and "Recently viewed Reports" while Non system admin users only see the "Recently Viewed Reports.

Admin View

View for System admins when the
Reports tab is accessed
User-added image


From the Recent items Admins can
access All reports
User-added image

Non-Admin View

User-added image

Note from the above image - Non system admins don't have access to the All reports view and can only view the recently viewed reports. This functionality is Working as designed. System admins have access to Recent reports and All reports view within the Salesforce1 downloadable app and the mobile browser app as well however Non-system admins have access to the Recent reports view only. This is applicable to all supported versions of iOS/Android based devices and the browser app (

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