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Increasing the Maximum number of records processed per hour by the workflow time queue process

Knowledge Article Number 000214841
Description Available in: Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited and Developer Editions

By default an Organization's Workflow time queue process will process records based on its Edition limit. This limit is governed by the "Workflow Time Triggers Per Hour" Edition limit which is as follows:

Professional Edition 250
Enterprise Edition 500
Developer/Trial Edition 50
Unlimited and Performance Edition 1,000

Under certain conditions an Organization may repeatedly encounter or hit the limit, to the point it impedes daily activity. In these scenarios the Salesforce CRM Configuration team can assist in increasing this limit up to 10k., depending on the individual need and use case. 

If you receive the emails about "Hourly limit exceeded for processing workflow time triggers" or if you find your organization is repeatedly hitting this limit, the Salesforce Support Team can work with you to have this increased.
Resolution If you would like to move forward with having Salesforce Support increase this limit, please take the following steps: 
  1. Have a System Administrator log a Case with Salesforce Support 
  2. Please include all essential details. This includes a business reason for the request as well as the actual limit being requested or potential increase needed.
  3. Support will review the Case and action it as needed. 

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