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Increasing your Organization's Daily Mass Email Limit

Knowledge Article Number 000219998
Description Available in: Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited and Developer Editions

The Daily Mass Email limit is a very specific Organization limit that Salesforce considers "High Risk". We understand that ,under certain conditions, an increase to this limit may be needed however it's important to be aware that Salesforce Support uses extreme scrutiny when reviewing Mass Email limit increase requests. 

We review each request on a per Case basis and take all factors into consideration including the limit being requested as well as the Business Reason provided. We do NOT approve increase requests for Marketing purposes. (New Product/Service Notifications, Sales Follow Ups, etc). We will consider realistic requests for emergency scenarios (Product/Service Outage, Emergency Customer Communication, etc). In all scenarios, we will review these requests from a temporary standpoint. Very rarely do we approve these increases on a permanent basis. If a permanent increase is requested, please be prepared to provide an extremely strong business reason to accompany the request. 

In most scenarios, Upper Level Support will make the final decision on whether to approve/reject a Daily Mass Email Limit increase. 

Please further review this documentation before requesting an increase: 
Mass Email Limits
Resolution If you would like to move forward with requesting a temporary increase to this limit, please take the following steps: 
  1. Have a System Administrator log a Case with Salesforce Support 
  2. Please include all essential details. This includes a strong business reason for the request as well as the actual limit being requested.
  3. Ensure the correct Organization details are included.
  4. Salesforce Support will review the Case and action it as needed. 

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