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Chatter Post error “Your account was deactivated.” appears after deactivating a Chatter Free User.

Knowledge Article Number 000220000
Description When deactivating a chatter free user, a post is created to the inactive user. "Your account was deactivated."

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Resolution "Your account was deactivated." message will be posted on the Chatter profile page if the user was deactivated by:

1. Navigate to the Chatter Free user's profile
2. Click on the Manage User drop down
3. Click on Deactivate User.

This is working as designed and is intended for the Moderator privileges which are primarily for free orgs where we wanted to ensure users knew they were deactivated.

If you would like for the post to not appear on the profile, you would have to deactivate the Chatter Free user by:

1. Go to Setup > Manage Users > Users
2. Click Edit next to the user you like to deactivate
3. Uncheck the active box and Save.

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