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Unable to save email templates in "Unfiled Public Email Templates"

Knowledge Article Number 000220007
Description The right level of access can make different tasks much easier to handle, we'll show you how to provide the right level of access so email templates can be saved in the "Unfiled Public Email Templates" folder.
Resolution By standard means, non-admin users do not have the permission 'Manage Public Templates' permission enabled in their profile that allows the user to save/manage email templates in the Unfiled Public Templates folder. To resolve this, the permission needs to be enabled in the user profile.

Listed below are the steps that need to be followed by the organization's administrator.
1. Navigate to Setup > Manage Users > Profile
2. Locate the user profile and click Edit
3. Scroll down under the Administrative Permissions section
4. Ensure that 'Manage Public Templates' check box is selected
5. Click Save button

For more information: See also Managing Folders

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