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Salesforce for Outlook - What version of Salesforce for Outlook (SFO) do I have installed?

Knowledge Article Number 000220019
Description How to check the Salesforce for Outlook (SFO) version installed on your computer

You can check the latest version number available for download from your Salesforce org, the version number is shown on the Download button

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  • To check this, in
Non-Enhanced Setup Menu:
Click on Your Name | My Settings | Desktop Add-Ons | Salesforce for Outlook

Enhanced Setup Menu:
Click on Your Name  | Setup
Under Personal Setup click on Desktop Integration | Salesforce for Outlook

Lightning Experience Menu:

First click on your smiley icon on the right top corner and click on Settings
Next on the left menu, click on Desktop Add-Ons | Salesforce for Outlook

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Resolution There are few ways to find the installed version of SFO on your computer

Method 1 - From the System Tray (Easiest for the end user)
Method 2 - From the Control Panel (End users or IT )
Method 3 - From the Login history page for the user in your Salesforce organization (Easiest for Salesforce Administrators)

Method 1 - From the System Tray

1. Make sure SFO is running in your System Tray at the bottom right corner of your screen (if you do not see the icon, simply double click on the Salesforce for Outlook icon to run the application)

2. Right click on the icon and click on About

3. You should see the Version installed on the pop up  About Salesforce for Outlook window
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1. On your computer, navigate to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features 
2. In the Search box on the top right corner type in Salesforce or Salesforce for Outlook and press Enter
3. In a few seconds you should see the Salesforce for Outlook in the list
4. Check the Version Column and you will be able to check the version installed on your machine

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** This must be performed by your Salesforce Administrator and by default it will display the information for all users who use SFO to connect your org. You can download the list and filter it in your Microsoft Excel

1. Log-in to your Salesforce org with your Administrator credentials
2. Navigate to Setup | Manage Users | Login History.
3. See each user’s version of Salesforce for Outlook in the Application and Client Version columns.

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SFO version 2.8 thru 2.9 will show up as N/A under Client Version column under user's login history page and also in the Side Panel they may see the You're using an old version of Salesfoce for Outlook. Changes to web security standards require you to upgrade to the latest version by March 2017 to continue using the feature. For help, contact your Salesforce admin. message in the Side Panel

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