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First and last name order is different in Personal Daily Digest versus Group Daily Digest emails

Knowledge Article Number 000220031
Description When I received my Personal Daily Digest email names are presented as First Name Last Name however, when I receive a Group Daily Digest email notification names are displayed as Last Name, First Name.
Resolution This difference is due to your Personal Daily Digest emails, with the subject line "Your Daily Digest for "Your Organization Name", using the name format associated to the locale as defined for your user record.

Where as Group Daily Digest emails, with subject line="
Your Daily Digest for "Your Organization Name + Group Name", use the name format associated to the locale that is set for your organization.

If your personal or user record's locale is set differently than your organization's locale it may explain why there is a difference between how user's first and last names are presented in your Personal Digest versus Group Digest emails.

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