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Why do I get an error message saying that "The instruction is not available" when trying to use a Macro?

Knowledge Article Number 000220033
Description I've been using a Macro for some time but, all of a sudden, I started seeing an error message saying that "The instruction is not available".

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Why is this happening?
Resolution First thing to notice is that every instruction after a failed one will display the same error message. That doesn't mean that all the instructions are failing. When investigating this error please focus on the first instruction that displays the error message and work your way down through the list.
For example, in the screenshot above, you might resolve the four errors by fixing what causes the error on the second instruction.

This error will appear when the Macro contains targets that are not available for a given User, many changes can cause this error message to appear like:

- Changes on the Page Layout
Please remember that the Macro will execute as long as the target points to something in the screen. If the Page Layout changed (e.g. publisher removed from the feed layout, Knowledge sidebar removed from the console components....) for a given User this might invalidate the Instructions.

- Changes on the Object Access (Read, Create, Update, Delete...)
The User's Profile might have changed, removing access that was previously available. This could invalidate the Instructions.

- Changes on the Field Level Security access
The target of the Macro Instruction might no longer be available.

- Preferences or permissions
Some instructions might depend on permissions or preferences, if there has been recent changes in the User / Organization you might need to review if the instructions are still valid / relevant.

Please note that due to all the reasons mentioned above there are chances that two different Users will see the Macro differently, one with and one without the error message. If that's the case, make sure you compare the Page Layouts, Object Access, FLS and relevant preferences for both Users to identify what is the difference.

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