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When rejecting an Approval Process to a previous Step which requires Unanimous Approval, any approval of the record does not force unanimous approval.

Knowledge Article Number 000220041
Description Create an Approval Process similar to the following: 

Step 1 has 1 approver 
Step 2 requires unanimous approval (assign 3 approvers with 1 of the approvers being the same as the approver in Step 1)
Criteria should be the same as Step 1 + 1 additional criteria row; Example: Step 1 criteria: Field A = 123 | Step 2 criteria: Field A = 123 & Field B = 678
Step 3 has 1 approver (Reject behavior should be Go Back 1 Step)

Create a record on the object to meet the criteria you set and submit for Approval. 
Login as the Approver for Step 1 and approve
Login as the Approvers for Step 2 and approve
Login as the Approver for Step 3 and reject (this should send the approval back to Step 2)
Login as one of the Approvers for Step 2 and approve
-Notice that the record is sent to Approval Process Step 3 instead of requiring Unanimous Approval. 
Resolution This issue can occur when both Step 1 and Step 2 have the exact same Name and the record can meet the criteria for both and 1 of the approvers in Step 2 is the same approver for Step 1. The record will show Step 2 as the current Approval Step, but will require Step 1's approver to approve the record. It will not require unanimous approval. 

To resolve this, rename Step 2 to something unique. 

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