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Merge field in HTML email template blank

Knowledge Article Number 000220043
Description If the merge field code in the template matches the value returned when the field is selected and the field in the record is filled in, then it may be that some HTML code is inside the merge field code.

You may check this by highlighting the merge field in the email template preview and right clicking on the selection and choosing View Source/View Page Source or Inspect Element.

For example, the merge field code in the template is {!Object__c.Field__c} but when viewing the HTML code the merge field code is {!Object__c.Field__c</font><font size="2">.
Resolution Deleting then adding the merge field value should solve this.

1. Delete the merge field code from the template
2. Select the field from the Available Merge Fields menu
3. Copy the merge field value from the menu to the email template.

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