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Summer '15 - Custom report type on the objects chatter feeds

Knowledge Article Number 000220056
Description You can monitor record feed engagement on standard and custom objects by creating a custom report type from Object > ObjectFeeds.

This custom report type allows you to report on feed activity for all standard objects (excluding task and events) that have feed tracking enabled, such as accounts, cases, leads, opportunities, and custom objects. You’ll also be able to track the number of feed edits and see what type of users are editing feeds.

Resolution In order to create, for example a custom report type on Cases and cases feeds, you need to go to:
Your name > Setup > Build > Create > Report Types

1) click on "new custom report type"
2) Choose Cases (but could be accounts, leads, opportunities or your custom objects) as Primary object
3) Choose the Label, Name, Description and the Category as you prefer (for further information please review the article Create a Custom Report Type) then Select "Next"
4) Select "Case feed" (or account feed/lead feed/opportunity feed/custom object feed) as B object as per screenshot below.

User-added image
And save the custom report type. You will then be able to Create new reports based on this CRT.


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