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Do Macros rollback when an instruction fails during its execution?

Knowledge Article Number 000220058
Description I have a Macro with a number of different Instructions that perform multiple tasks in one go. If one of the Instructions fails, does the Macro rollback the actions that were previously executed?
Resolution No. The running Macro will always do as much as it can. If one of the Instructions fails no other instruction will be executed afterwards but the ones executed previously won't be rolled back.

Scenario: A Macro is defined with two main tasks:
1) update certain fields in a Case
2) send an Email
Please note that in this example both tasks contain multiple Instructions but part of one single Macro.
Challenge: A recent change in your Org has removed access to the Email action in your user's Case layout.
Action: Your user tries to execute the Macro, as defined previously.
Results: The Macro will perform the Field Updates and, when trying to send the Email it will return an error message because "The publisher action is not available". The updates on the field values will not be reverted.

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