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Differences in Product Prices values between exported file and

Knowledge Article Number 000220091

During an export using either an API Tool (Data Loader) or Data Export Services, some products shows prices with more than 2 decimal places but, when checking the same product in it only shows 2 decimal places. We'll go over the 2 reasons why you're seeing differences between the data sources. 

1. "More decimals on price" feature was turned on
     - After the feature has been turned off, the system will update the current prices to align it's decimal values to have only 2 places. However, in the background the original values will remain and this will be extracted during an export.
2. During an import the csv file contained product price values that had more than 2 decimal places. 
    - The system will round the values to the nearest hundred to meet the decimal place allowance, but once exported, the price value will show the original decimal values from the initial import. 

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