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External community portal user can't see contact information

Knowledge Article Number 000220099

The ability to control what personal information gets displayed is one of the many perks of the community portal. If you'd like to show additional contact information, we'll walk you through how to get that done.


An external community user can only see all members First Name, Last Name and Nickname Fields as well as profile photos. Additional contact information such as phone number, email can be displayed, you'll just need to enable your sharing settings.

Enable sharing settings

1. From your profile, click edit.
- This will be the pencil beside the name.
2. Click Contact.
     - By each contact field  you will view that there is a drop down arrow. 
3. Select the field to share with your communities.
4. When you select the drop down you will see three options: Employees, External and Public
5. Click External to share to your communities. 
6. Click Save All.

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