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Why are my SOS chats not getting routed to my agents?

Knowledge Article Number 000220110
Description SOS chats are not initializing or getting routed to my agents.
  • Double check that org ID, deployment ID, and LA Podhost are added to the SDK
  • Is the correct service presence status set? Ex. “SOS Online”
    • Can the agent see the service presence status?
    • The Agent might not have permission to see it.
      • Go to Setup,
      • search “Permission Sets”,
      • Select the SOS permission. Verify the user has been assigned to the permission set
  • Is the Agent part of the queue?
    • Check the SOS queue:
      • Go to Setup,
      • Search “Queues”,
      • click “Edit” for the SOS Queue and make sure the user is part of the queue
  • Close out old sessions of SOS chats
  • Omni Channel Admin Guide (add link to admin guide)

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