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Why can't I add a Filter for the standard field called 'Web Email' in Process Builder

Knowledge Article Number 000220120
Description There is a standard field on the Case object called 'Web Email'. The API name for this field is 'SuppliedEmail'. If you search this particular standard field for defining the criteria as part of the process builder, you will have 0 search results if you are searching by the field name or by the API name for the 'Web Email' field.
Resolution The standard field 'Web Email' on the Case object falls under the 'Email Address' field in the Process Builder.

Step 1) Click the '+ Add Criteria' action to define your criteria after you have selected the Case object to begin your process builder. 

Step 1

Step 2) 
Under the 'Set Filters Conditions' section, select the dropdown picklist for Field.

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Step 3) Type 'Email Address' and select it. 

Step 2
Once the field has been selected, it will display the API name of that field. You can then confirm that it is the 'Web Email' field from the Case object. 


Click Save.

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