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No 'Edit/Assign Manager' option in Forecast Hierarchy beside the Role

Knowledge Article Number 000220129
Description A System Administrator might be unable to see the 'Edit/Assign Manager' option in Forecast Hierarchy beside the Role even though the 'Role Hierarchy' is set correctly.
Resolution Perform the steps below to resolve the issue:

1. Make sure 'Allow Forecasting' is checked on User Detail page
2. Click on Manage users | Users | Click on Edit (beside that user name with that role)
3. Remove the Role and Save the User record
4. Add the Role back on the User record and Save 
5. Refresh the Forecast Hierarchy 

You can see the 'Assign Manager' option beside that role in Forecast Hierarchy.

You may see this behavior also due to this Known Issue "Forecasting Enabled user is missing from "enabled user" list on forecasting hierarchy setup page".
If so, please apply the workaround as described:
"The users will start to show if you change his role to the root node role (e.g. CEO), then back into this user's role. 
Note: It might be necessary to remove the "Allow Forecasting" checbox on the affected User. "

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