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Is there a way to add a 5th value in proxy port for data loader

Knowledge Article Number 000220133
Description Customer uses 5 digit proxy and Data loader only allows to input 4 digits.

The 4 digit proxy port is a limitation of the Data Loader GUI. In order to enter a 5 digit port you will need to manually modify your Data Loader file.

Resolution To modify your file first right click on your Data Loader shortcut and select properties. Then look for the Start in: field. That will be the location of where your Data Loader configuration files are saved. The default for Windows 7 is,

C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\\Data Loader 26.0.0\

The name of the exact folder will vary depending on the version of Data Loader you are using. Once you have located the folder your Data Loader installation is using you will want to open the file in notepad. Then look for the line,


If you do not see this line then you can add it, but please note that the setting name is case sensitive. You will then want to type in your port number after the = sign,


Save the config file and then launch Data Loader. You should then see the port you entered in the Proxy Port field of the Data Loader.

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