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NGOC - Internal Server Error when clicking on "Manage" in NGO Connect

Knowledge Article Number 000220140
Description When clicking on "Manage" under Develop | Custom Settings for certain Label's an "Internal Server Error" message appears.
Resolution The error is being cause by certain custom settings that are no longer needed and are not apart of NGO Connect. It is impossible to delete Custom Settings that are being used by NGO Connect. There appear to be some Labels that have the Action "Del"  next to them that are no longer used and that are causing the system issue. So customers do not need to track down and work out which ones to delete , rather they just need to remove the ones that are in the Label should a "Internal System Error" occur when trying to click on Manage.

To resolve you will need to go to:

-Setup | Develop | Custom Settings
-There find the Label you want to Manage, and instead of clicking on Manage click on the Label name itself
-Next, in the section "Custom Fields" scroll down and delete any Field Label's that in the Action Column "Edit | Del" that have the option to delete (if the option to delete is there this means that the custom setting is not apart of NGO Connect). If there are more than one of these delete them all.
-Once you have deleted these non-essential Labels you can click on the button above called "Manage" and should be able to continue without further errors.


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